Soft and Rigid Foam

Your packaging is the only line of defense between your product and the bumps and jolts of being transported by road, rail, sea, and air. Custom foam cushion packaging protects your product so it arrives at its destination intact and undamaged.

When choosing the appropriate cushion protection for your product, you need to consider its weight, size, fragility, and the modes of transportation it will endure between the factory and the store or consumer. Depending on these factors, Packaging Plus can recommend standard products or a custom cushion packaging solution for more irregularly shaped or fragile products.

What type of foam do I need to ensure proper delivery?

It depends on what you’re shipping. Standard and custom Styrofoam, polyurethane, and polyethylene foams are great options for a wide range of products. Some foams are rigid and can protect against big jolts and bumps, while others are more pliable and can be wrapped around fragile and oddly shaped products.

What’s the difference between soft and rigid foam?

Polyurethane, often available in convoluted or “egg crate” style, is a soft, squishy protective foam. It’s an economical choice that can fill empty space or wrap around a product. But this pliability also means polyurethane is less protective than more rigid solutions. It’s a good choice for smaller, fragile items. Packaging Plus also offers ether and ester soft foams for lighter applications.

Polyethylene is a dense foam that has rigid characteristics and can protect against water and chemical damage. as well as damage from collision or friction. But there’s a tradeoff: what makes polyethylene rigid also makes it brittle. Polyethylene is good option for large, bulky products. Packaging Plus offers rigid polyethylene in 1#, 2#, and 4# densities.

Styrofoam, or expanded polystyrene foam, is a popular cushion packaging material. It is both strong and lightweight and can be designed to snugly fit around a variety of products, including delicate electronics.

Does convoluted foam come in different densities?

Yes. Convoluted foam comes in different densities and thicknesses to protect all sorts of products. The higher the pound density rating of your convoluted foam, the higher quality it is and more likely to stand up to bumps and jolts long-term. Packaging Plus offers convoluted foam in a variety of base and finger options.

Packaging Plus provides a full spectrum of all foam densities to assure proper protection of your product. Our design department can create a custom solution for you, from initial concept to prototype and production. Our work includes die cutting, laminating, multi-layer build ups, contour cutting, coupled with full documentation and drawings. Contact Packaging Plus to order your cushion packaging today.