When you warehouse, assemble, package, ship, and transport your products yourself, chances are you feel like you have little time left for anything else. By focusing all your efforts on distribution and fulfillment, when do you have the time to spend on revenue-generating activities, such as marketing your product or developing new ones?

Fortunately, you don’t have to store, package, and ship your products yourself. Many manufacturers are outsourcing their warehousing, packaging, and shipping to third parties. Third-party logistics, or 3PL, can help you scale production, fulfill orders more efficiently, and even reduce costs so you make more money.

Third-Party Logistics Helps You Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities and Save Money

Product distribution and fulfillment is a complicated process that requires time, expertise, and investment in space and equipment. Working with 3PL providers allows you to outsource this process, freeing up hours each week for revenue-generating tasks, such as sales, marketing, and product development.

It also helps you avoid investing in space and equipment that you may not use regularly or efficiently. Third-party logistics providers are specialists in distribution and fulfillment and have already made the investments required to optimize these processes. Take advantage of their expertise and avoid investing capital in creating your own facility.

Working with a 3PL provider also helps you control costs. With the 3PL model, you only pay for storage space and services you use. That means if you fulfill 200 orders this month but only 50 the next, your costs will adjust proportionately.

Third-Party Logistics Help You Take Advantage of the Latest Innovations

You’re in the manufacturing business, not the logistics business. It would take substantial time and money for you to keep up with the latest logistics innovations. On the other hand, 3PL providers are constantly updating and upgrading their equipment and processes. They pass this efficiency on to their customers. Work with a 3PL provider to take advantage of their expertise and investment in innovation.

From outsourcing to direct shipments, you can trust Packaging Plus with all your logistics needs. Our logistics process is highly flexible to adapt to your needs, which saves you time and money and helps you avoid the tedium of scheduling, sourcing, and shipping your products yourself.

To learn more about 3PL and how Packaging Plus may be able to streamline your logistics, contact us today.