Protective Cushion Packaging

There are a variety of factors to consider in designing protection for products in transit. Packaging Plus considers weight, size, fragility and mode of transit before making any design and material recommendations. We will provide a number of solutions and recommendations to ensure the safety and security of your products. From standard packing to projects requiring creative design, you can be confident that our packaging solution will be right for your job.

You’ve put hours of design work into making sure your product functions seamlessly, looks great, and has instant buyer appeal. But all of this hard work is for nothing if your product doesn’t arrive intact and undamaged.

Often, our design work begins when our clients’ is finished. Packaging Plus works with manufacturers to design protection for products in transit. We customize your solution to your particular product based on its cushioning needs, from soft and molded foams to cardboard tubes and wooden crates. Here’s a look at the different protective packaging solutions that may work for your product.

Our protective cushion packaging products include: