Polybag Sealing & Shrink Wrap

Packaging Plus can handle all types of sealing operations, no matter the scale of your application. Whether its high speed shrink wrap or individual poly bagging we have the ability for quick turnaround.

We have the staff and resources to handle small items that can’t be done with machines and we can handle big jobs that require both hand work and machine work together.

We used various types of sealing to ensure your project is done quickly, efficiently and professionally. The types of polybag sealing are as follows:

  • Hot wire sealing – involves a heated wire that both cuts the surfaces and joins them with a molten edge bead. This is not usually employed when barrier properties are critical
  • Ultrasonic welding uses high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to work-pieces being held together under pressure to create a weld.
  • Hot melt adhesive can be applied in strips or beads at the point of joining. It can also be applied to one of the surfaces during an earlier manufacturing step and reactivated for bonding.

Shrink wrapping helps protect and present your product is the most efficient and professional manner possible.  We use heat to make the plastic conform to your product while protecting it and showcasing what you have in the packaging.  It’s a great low cost way for business owners to present their product in an affordable and economical way.