Blister Sealing & Clam Shells

We can assist you with design, development and packaging of your product in establishing blisters and clam shells. In addition to forming blisters and clam shells, we can also supply insert cards for your clam shell and back cards for your blisters to further enhance your total package. Our blister sealing equipment is capable of sealing or trap blisters.

Why blister packaging?

Because it will allow your customers to see and inspect your product at the same time that it protects it.  It’s great to use for all types of toys, electronics and personal care products to name a few.

Who designs the blister or clam shell packaging?

Packaging Plus will design and manufacturer your blister or clam shell packaging to give your product the professional look you need.  We work with you to create a package that will promote your product in the marketplace.

What are the advantages of blister packaging?

  • Blister packaging is a highly cost-effective solution.
  • It is well-suited for display, either hanging on a peg or standing on a shelf.
  • In the hands of a talented thermoformer, it can be as small as medication packaging or as large as a suitcase.
  • It allows you to pack multiple items in the same package.
  • Blister packaging can be very tamper-evident.

These are just a few of the advantages of blister packaging.  Please contact us to learn more and allows us to answer your questions about what type of packaging works best for your product.

Clam Shells

Custom thermoforming can be done in hinged or two piece clam shells depending on the depth and weight of your product.

Stock clam shells are also available if you’d rather avoid any one time costs for molds. We have hundreds of stock sizes that we can use for your needs.

Insert cards – we provide the same printing services here to assure we have the correct fit to put die cut cards inside of your clam shell for all of your graphic needs.

Why clam shell packaging?

It gives you a clear view of your product and it can save space on the shelf. It forms a tight fit around your product insuring the safety and security of your product.

What are the advantages of clam shell packaging?

  • Highly secure for the manufacturer
  • Highly visible for the customer
  • Moisture resistance
  • Highly protective of the product
  • Total enclosure of the product