Assembly, Kitting & Hand Packaging

Does your company have the expertise to manufacture an item but lacks the capacity to package it? Contract with Packaging Plus and we’ll handle everything from assembly, collating and sorting to any rework required to get the product to market.

Do you have multiple components (30 or less) and need to combine them into one finished product for retail sale?

Do you have variety of shapes or sizes to assemble and kit?  i.e. bottles, sponges, note pads, screws, bolts etc. These items are unable to run on machines but we can handle the hand packaging.

Kitting and sample packs are becoming very important in today’s competitive marketplace as companies are looking for ways to expand their brand offerings and product lines. We can help you expand your product lines but smaller businesses are also looking to the outside to help design, kit, then fulfill promotion or sample packs that will help create demand and entice buyers with a smaller portion of their products.

Who is the perfect fit for our assembly, kitting & hand packaging services:

  • BOGO (buy one get one free) with two similar products – great way to move inventory.
  • A prime product that is comprised of the unit itself, accessories, a manual, a brochure – all into a nicely printed box.
  • Combining multiple colors and sizes of gift wrap rolls.
  • Sorting and repackaging clothing items into specific colors / sizes.

We offer the following services: