As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Packaging Plus is dedicated to building a diverse workforce. That includes our outsourced partners who help us with non-automated packing tasks.

As a small business located in Rogers, Minnesota, we’re proud to partner with several local organizations that operate day training programs for adults with disabilities. These programs offer real-life work experience for participants and vital help we and other small businesses need.

The Work Our Outsourced Partners Perform

In the packaging industry, our customers are often small- to Large-sized manufacturers. They are not manufacturing products in such large quantities that it makes financial sense to invest in automated packaging technologies.

For these special applications, hand packing—known as handwork in our business—is a more affordable option. Sometimes, projects are large enough to be completed at our facility. Other times, it is easier and more affordable for our outsourced partners to complete the handwork at their location.

The Benefits of Employing Adults with Disabilities

Outsourcing our handwork to adults with disabilities provides many benefits. For Packaging Plus and our customers, it saves time and money while maintaining a high standard for quality. Handwork is more affordable than automated packing for small- to medium-sized projects. The workers are fast, complete their work accurately, and enjoy and take pride in the projects they finish for us. Plus, we feel we’re making a real difference in our community by providing employment opportunities for a workforce that is often overlooked.

How Hiring Adults with Disabilities Works

Hiring adults with disabilities through a day training program is very similar to working with a temp agency. We contact the organization with the details of the project, including the scope of the work involved and a timeline. The organization manages the workers and ensures our high standards for quality are met or exceeded. We receive the packed products and check the work before we ship them to you or their final destinations.

Packaging Plus is proud of our partnerships with community organizations to provide work opportunities for disabled adults. It empowers us to provide a high level of quality for our customers while helping our local community.

For more information on our handwork capabilities or to learn more about our outsourced partners, contact Packaging Plus today.