Getting consumers to notice your products in the crowded retail market is challenging. It takes more than flashy packaging to grab the attention of busy shoppers. Retail display units are creative solutions that help your product stand out from the competition, from point-of-purchase (POP) Point of purchase of displaydisplays to full-sized floor and end-cap displays that entice shoppers to drop your products into their carts.

What is a point-of-purchase display?

A point-of-purchase or POP display is a retail display located near the checkout line (the point of purchase). POP displays can be freestanding floor units or shelving displays. Your brand and messaging is integrated into the display to entice shoppers to purchase your product before they check out. POP displays are especially effective for household or office products that shoppers forget they need, such as snacks, soft drinks, tape, and pens.

What’s the difference between a floor display and an end cap?

Floor displays are designed to take up space anywhere on a retail store’s floor, including the middle of aisles or in front of check-out lines. End caps are used in the existing shelf space at the end of aisles. Often, you’ll see holiday or seasonal items displayed on end caps. End caps are highly visible and since space is limited, it’s less likely your product will have to compete with similar items.

Can a single unit display multiple products?

Yes. Many displays are designed to show off multiple products. We’ve found the most effective displays showcase products that work well together. It’s a great opportunity to cross-sell your products, whether you sell pens and pencils or all-purpose cleaner and cleaning cloths.

Can a display unit incorporate both shelving and pegs?

Yes. Depending on the design of your product and its packaging, we can hang items on pegs over other products sitting on shelves, or divide the space into shelving displays and hanging displays. Integrating both can maximize display space and increase interest so your display attracts more consumers.

Can I customize my retail display to align with my brand and product design?

Absolutely. Designing a retail display is your chance to get creative. The next time you visit your local big-box store, take note of all the different shapes, sizes, and colors represented in the product displays. All these factors help shoppers identify your brand and your product. Customizing your retail display design allows you to maximize the display’s footprint. The Packaging Plus design team can create and prototype a retail display that will attract buyers.

How can I be sure retailers will accept my display design?

Find a packaging design company that has past retail experience. The Packaging Plus team has worked for the nation’s top retail brands and understands their requirements inside and out. We can help you design, prototype, pack out, and deliver a retail display that will work well on the floor of big box stores and small Main Street shops alike.

Can Packaging Plus design complete displays?

Yes. We can help you design ever component of your display, from the box to the shelving to the graphics and messaging. We can create conventional square cardboard boxes with cardboard shelving or full custom displays that look like your product, from giant soda bottles and candy bars to castles and teddy bears.

Can Packaging Plus pack out the display you create for me?

Absolutely. We’re happy to assemble, kit, and pack out your display before delivering it to retailers. We can even help you choose product packaging to maximize the display’s impact, from blister sealing and clam shells to polybag and shrink wrap.

Display design and display pack outs are some of Packaging Plus’s favorite projects. We’re your single-source solution for all your display unit needs. To get started on your design, contact Packaging Plus today.