FDA Registered and GMP Compliant


Packaging Plus is a FDA Registered and GMP Compliant Fulfillment Company. Our familiarity with FDA regulations and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) allows Packaging Plus to be one of a small percentage of packaging companies qualified to serve the needs of the medical, food, drugs, cosmetics and natural products industries.

FDA registration and GMP compliance are required for companies that process, warehouse and ship orders in the medical, drugs, food, vitamin, body care, cosmetics and dietary supplement industries. In order to serve these industries, Packaging Plus has put into place the procedures required to maintain strict quality control while safely storing, packing and shipping FDA and GMP protected products.

The FDA is the federal agency charged with overseeing the safety of drugs, medical devices, food, cosmetics and a number of other health-related products. GMP refers to an internationally recognized system of quality control through every step of the manufacturing and delivery process in the natural health industry and in the food/pharmaceutical industry.