Many of our clients come to us with a rough idea for their product packaging—or none at all. That’s why Packaging Plus offers expert package design help during the packaging process. From concept to assembly to shipping, we have you covered. Here’s how.

1. We listen first

Your product is unique, and so is its packaging requirements. That’s why we take the time to understand your product—and your consumers—so we can design packaging that will both protect and showcase it. Our computer-aided design capabilities ensure your packaging custom fits your product.

2. We’re experts in material versatility

There’s a solution for every design challenge, but not every solution is a good fit for every product. We’re experts in the wide range of packaging materials on the market today, from the foam that will cushion your product to the clam shells that protect and display it. We can even thermoform packaging to fit the unique contours of your product.

3. We think about how your product gets from Point A to Point B

Packaging not only needs to look great on the shelf, it needs to get your product to retailers undamaged and intact. There are many solutions for protecting your products on their journey from the factory to the store. We can help you find a solution for custom foam cushion packaging, including soft, rigid, and convoluted foam.

4. We consider the end-use function of your packaging, too

When designing a custom packaging solution for your product, we take into account how it will be displayed on store shelves and how consumers will get your product home safely. We can help you design blister and clam shell packaging, vibrant and informative back cards, and pack-outs for end-cap and store aisle displays. We can even help you assemble or hand pack your products so they’re ready to ship.

Don’t leave your product’s packaging up to guesswork. Work with Packaging Plus for expert help. Contact us today to get started on your custom solution.