Whether you sell stationery or razors, pencils or toy cars, you need packaging that will attract consumers and keep your products safe during shipping and handling. Blister packaging is a great solution for manufacturers of small consumer goods. Here are a few of the most common questions Packaging Plus gets about blister packaging and blister cards.

What is blister packaging?

We’ve all purchased products that are blister sealed or in clamshell packaging. Blister packaging allows people to see your product before they buy it, which makes it a great option for consumer goods. Clear plastic—the blister—is thermoformed around the product then sealed to protect it during handling and shipping.

The blister sealing process involves computer-aided design layout of your product, determining a suitable plastic type, and applying temperature to mold the plastic to your product’s shape. Packaging Plus monitors stress and strain conditions throughout the blister sealing process to make sure your product stays safe and undamaged. We design and develop all different kinds of blisters and clamshells.

What products are good candidates for blister packaging?

Blister packaging is an excellent packaging choice when you want consumers to see your product while it’s on the store shelf. Packaging Plus can design custom packaging for your product, from toys and electronics to hardware and personal care products.

Can I order printed blister cards with my blister packaging?

Absolutely. Packaging Plus designs, manufactures and packages customized blister cards to fit all shapes and sizes of blister and clamshell packaging, from a single blister card that contains a single square board to fully custom cards. We can help you choose the card design, size, shape and color to catch the eyes of consumers while keeping your product secure. Your blister card can be shipped to your manufacturer beforehand and kept in view during the manufacturing process.

Where can I order blister packaging in the Midwest?

Packaging Plus is your Midwest resource  for blister packaging, clamshell packaging and other custom packaging solutions. Our expert staff has the know-how to design packaging for your product and operate our specialized, automated blister sealing equipment. Our efficient process makes us one of the most competitive blister packaging manufacturers in the industry. Though we’re based in the Midwest, we can ship anywhere across the United States.

Why should I work with Packaging Plus?

Packaging Plus is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SVDOSB) and is eligible to work on federal contracts. The SVDOSB program helps small businesses gain exposure in their markets, which enables us to offer your company competitive rates on blister packaging. Packaging Plus can handle your one-time shipment or contract with you to provide packaging and shipping long-term. We excel in providing “turn-key” packaging solutions, from design assistance to direct shipping to your customers.

If you have a question about blister packaging or to get a quote on your blister packaging job, contact Packaging Plus today.

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