Clam shell and blister packaging protects your products during shipping and while on display, but back cards make the sale. That’s why they’re a vitally important part of your product packaging. They’re your chance to get creative, build your brand, and help consumers make their purchasing decision.

At Packaging Plus, we often find our customers initially overlook this important marketing tool. Here are some tips for making the most of your back cards.

  1. Be true to your brand.

Before you get creative with design and messaging on your back cards, remember that anything you create must remain true to your brand. Feature your logo and tagline prominently on the front of the card to let consumers know the product is yours, even from a distance. Keep the messaging on the back card consistent with the marketing copy you use to promote the product on your website or in your catalog. Packaging Plus can help you design a beautiful and effective back card design that reflects your brand.

  1. Know your product’s labeling requirements.

The FDA and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulate labels for consumer goods. It’s your responsibility to comply with their rules in your back card messaging and design. The packaging of most consumer products must include the its net contents, the name and place of the manufacturer or distributor, and the product’s size and weight. Labeling for food and consumable goods involves even more regulations.

Once you know the regulations that apply to your product, include them in the labeling on your back card. Packaging Plus can recommend designers who have years of experience helping customers design back cards with FDA and FTC regulations in mind. We have taken the guess work out by referring only highly qualified, competitive designers to handle your designs.

  1. Get creative.

Don’t let labeling regulations scare you away from getting creative with your back card design. A current design trend is to incorporate the packaged product into the design of the back card. For example, the Mustachifier pacifier back card features the surprised face of a baby. The packaged pacifier looks like it’s in the baby’s mouth. The design is certainly an attention grabber—who can resist taking a closer look at the baby’s bright eyes?

Creative back card design grabs the attention of consumers while staying true to your brand and in compliance with labeling rules. For help designing an eye-catching and informative back card for your product, contact the experts at Packaging Plus today.