Are your products overlooked due to ineffective packaging? Clam shell packaging is a highly effective way to market your products while giving consumers a clear view of what they’re purchasing. It can also cut down on shelf space, which means you can fit more product on a single display. If you’re hunting for the perfect packaging for your consumer good, here are a few reasons why thermoformed clam shell packaging may be a great option for you.

  1. Advantages of Thermoformed Clam Shell Packaging

Thermoformed clam shall packaging offers multiple advantages over other types of packaging. Because they are designed to fit snugly around the shape of your product, clam shells are highly protective. Since they are sealed before shipping, clam shells are moisture resistant and highly secure, reducing the risk of lost or damaged products.

But the biggest advantage of using clam shell packaging is that it keeps your product highly visible. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product they can see and feel. Thermoformed clam shells protect your product while giving consumers the chance to see and hold it.

  1. You Can Customize Thermoformed Clam Shell Packaging

Thermoformed clam shell packaging is highly customizable. The Packaging Plus team can design and manufacture a solution for your specific products, from custom molding to branded insert cards. Choose from a one-piece or two-piece custom clam shell solution.

Looking to save a little money? We also offer hundreds of stock clam shell options that will display your products beautifully and safely.

  1. Thermoformed Clam Shell Packaging Is Manufactured in the United States

Why ship air from China when you can ship your product to Packaging Plus and have us package and ship your goods from our US facility? Packaging and shipping from the United States to the United States saves your company time and money.

Based in Minnesota and serving companies nationwide, Packaging Plus can help you design a custom thermoformed clam shell packaging solution for your product (or choose a stock option that’s a great fit). We can also help you design, package, and ship attractive retail displays, from floor units with dozens of items in one unit to a small wing display showcasing just a few products.

With Packaging Plus, you are only responsible for your product—let us take care of packaging and shipping for you. If you have a question about thermoformed clam shell packaging or to get a quote on your clam shell packaging job, contact Packaging Plus today.